10 minute Tuesday: Blindness and Madness


love is blindness

I was listening to NPR last night and they had an interview with two women who have a macular degeneration, the same disorder as my main character.  One of the women had early onset of the degeneration, starting in her twenties.  My character is being diagnosed in her teens.

It was pretty cool to hear how advances in science may have impacted their sight.  Stem cell research has been tied with trying to cure this disorder.  So far the results are inconclusive.  Not that this will matter for my story.  Here is my 10 minute Tuesday write.    The scene opens with Libby trying to explain to a male character (I haven’t decided who, but I think its her love interest, so it says Josh) how the disorder affects her sight and it dissolves from there.   Happy Writing.



“I have a hole in my sight,”  I said.

Josh bobbed his head around my face, looking into my eyes. “I don’t see it.”

“Its because there isn’t a hole in my eye.  Its a hole in my sight.  Hold out your hand and look at your palm.”  He did as I told him, holding out his hand in front of him.  “You can still see everything around your hand, but you can’t see what your hand is blocking.   Keep looking at your hand.”   I took his writs and led hand through the air in slow figure eights.  He followed  where it went easily.  “That’s kind of what its like for me.”

“So, if you’re looking right at me, you can’t see me?” He dropped his hand, leaving the warmth of his fingers all over mine.  I shoved them deep into my back pockets to keep the warmth from going away.

“I can see you.  The glasses help sort that out. But Dr. Oh says that by the end of the year I’ll have to learn how to live like a person who is nearly blind.  She says that its progressing in me faster then she’s’ ever read.”  I keep my voice light and high, adding excitement to the information.

His cheeks remained flat and his gaze pensive.  “So, we should get you a medal than?” My smiled dropped and I looked a way to avoid the weight of his gaze.

“That wasn’t very nice,” I heard myself whisper though I hadn’t been aware that the words were in my head..

“This isn’t very funny,” he responded.

“It is what it is.”  I shrugged.

“What is it?  Like what does it mean if you go blind in six months?”  He began to fidget, shifting his weight from foot to foot, his eyes focused on the ground. “Hell,”  the force behind the word snapped my eyes on him and his eyes on me. “Less then six months.  What are you going to do?”

His brown eyes looked into me, dissolving my readied, universally accepted response of “I’m taking classes at the community college so that I can transfer to the university.”

I sighed so deeply i though my chest would dissolve into the cavity of my abdomen.  A small sob rested in my throat.  I swallowed to hold it back.  “Live at home.  Work at Daddy’s shop.  I don’t know really.”

He shook his head and began to balance on his heels.  “What a waste.”

The breath in my chest burned hot at these words.  I found my hands on his back, pushing him off the curb without a thought.  He  stumbled forward, but didn’t fall to the ground.  I may not have had the the thought to push him, but I know that if he’d fallen to the ground I would have kicked him.  Hard.

 Image: ‘Love Is Blindness

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