Random Thursday: Pink


Girl with Pink hair

I have had a pretty good writing day.  I’ve written two scenes and I’ve stumbled upon a pretty rad contest at Grab a Pen.  Ms. Tareheh Mafi wrote Shatter Me, which looks to be a great book!  I hope I win.  My fingers are majorly crossed.  If you haven’t checked out her blog you should actually stop reading my blog and check her out right now.

Libby, my protagonist is having a world view shaken up a bit.  I just realized that I sent her and her best friend, Michelle, into a scene where Michelle didn’t really finish what she came to the club for.  She gets thrown off track by the arrival of a girl who is only known as “the girl with Pink Hair.”   She gets thrown off by some compliments and decides that maybe she isn’t ready yet.   I’ll go back to it later tonight and add some more.  Here it is, first draft, typos and all.


When did everyone start dressing like they were in a music video?  I adjusted my glasses and straightened my back.  Good posture makes everyone sexier.  Michelle walked towards the bar.

“Michelle,” a slim girl with pink hair and a t-shirt that showed off her flat stomach and had “I’m a vampire” written across the front appeared as we approached the bar. “how’s it going?” she said opened her arms for a hug, turning her back to me.  I read the back of her shirt- which said “for your love”- while waiting to see if Michelle would give this vampire a hug.  She looked from the girl to me causing me to look away like I was intruding on a private moment.  The room was filled with groups, mostly of girls, standing around and talking.  Every other girl had her eye lids covered in thick black eyeliner.  If it weren’t for the graphic t-shirts, and you know the fact that they were humans, it would have looked like a raccoon convention.

I turned back to listen in on Michelle’s conversation with the Pink haired girl. From the sound of it, Michelle hadn’t been around for a while and much like when I don’t see her, her presence had been missed.

“Write anythign for us tonight?”  she asked.  At that I looked at Michelle questionallby.  Michelle sharing her writing was like me getting into Yale: it was never gonna happen.  I smiled to myself for knowing my best friend so well.

 image: Squidoo

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