Random Romance: Smoke



smoking match

I took a one day romance writing course with Writing Pad on Sunday with Zoe Archer.  You know you’ve had a  lot of fun when you can’t stop thinking about all the fun you had.  I love that my life is filled with moments like that!   Also, I’ve started to line up my Kindle with Romance novels now.  Romance novels, so much more than what your mom used to read.

Here is an excerpt from my 10 minute write.  The prompt was to write about when your hero and heroine first meet.  What i love about writing pad is the way they do their prompts.  The page is always 3/4ths of the way full with ideas before I even start writing.



Smoke poured from St. James Cathedral like a forest fire, much more smoke then an electrical fire could be accountable for.

“This must make your day,”  The overweight camera man said as he pulled out the camera from the back of the news truck.

“Don’t be a dick, James,”  she shouted, covering her hair with a folded newspaper to protect them from the light rain.  Pulled her trench coat tightly around her waist, the edges of her red dress peeking out from beneath the hem of the coat.  “I’m an atheist, not  an arsonist.  Just because I don’t believe in God or the church, doesn’t mean I want to see it destroyed.”

A loud crack and bang came from with in the smoldering church.  Orange flames flashed behind the soot covered windows.  As the flames ate the building from the inside out, Marissa took in the sight.  “Whoa.” she breathed.  She held her self back from crossing herself the way she had for years as a child.  The father, son, and holy spirit wouldn’t be able to help St. James now.

Image: ‘Match

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