10 minute Tuesday: Behavior Analysis


sunset over the ocean

I spent most of my writing time today doing a behavior analysis on my main character, Libby.  In a former life (two years ago), I was a high school special education teacher and  it was a part of my  job to observe student behavior and nail down the Antecedent and the Consequences (whether good or bad) that either allowed the behavior to continue or caused it to stop.  While doing this I would complete an ABC (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequences) chart. Stop me if you’ve heard this all before.

I decided that I needed to do this for Libby in order to clearly see what she is doing and what she will be doing.  Believe me it took a while but it really helped me to organize my thoughts, my theme, and my visual goal.  Now I can keep the inner critic at bay just a little longer.  I really needed to see how the inciting incident (progressively going blind) impacts her decisions as well as how it impacts the people around her.  Her condition inspires change within her as much as it inspires fear within her father.    Being that they are interlocked characters (they only have each other) how she changes does impact him as much as how his protective nature and his unusual job affects her.   Also, it gives me something else to write besides scenes of her making out with whichever boy I think will be her love interest.

Also, I discovered Libby’s favorite band: Boyce Avenue.  If you haven’t checked out their acoustic sets yet then please be prepared to have your mind blown.  At least  I did because you know, I love joyful music.

There is no story excerpt today, just peace of mind and clarity.  Now go listen to Boyce Avenue!

Image: ‘end of the day



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