10 minute Tuesday: Big Tent o’ Miracles


shadows in the door way

I took the day off from work for a different matter (that ended up being cancelled) so I used today for writing!  I have been at Tsarbucks since like 10:45 am.  It is 2:36pm right now.  I’m finally getting ideas about how to make Libby run the show, not just go along with the show.  Clarity is a godsend!   I’ve got to start taking notes now on what she’s doing and what her friends are doing.  I love progress.


The tent flaps were pinned open beneath a sign.  Michelle paused in front of the tent and I stopped as well.

“‘Believers Welcome’” I said reading the sign aloud. In a whisper I asked, “What do you think they do to the non believers?”

“I think non believers are up the street at Red Lobster,” she said, then added, “Its not too late for that lunch. We could go right now.”

I took a deep breath and ignored the concern in her voice. “Then the walk across the parking lot would have been for nothing.”  I steeled my stomach and pulled us forward through the flaps of the tent.

The inside of the tent was warm enough to stop us in our tracks.   Humidity filled every spot that wasn’t occupied by a person.  We moved forward I scanned the faces of the audience as we looked for seats.  Shades of brown faces filled my vision indicating an audience of mostly Black or Latino believers.  A splatter of white faces also sat in the audience.  Most of the faces were lined with wrinkles, and eyes that looked both hopeful and exhuasted.  I stared longer at the few mothers and fathers sat next to children, some visibly disabled, some not. Michelle and I were the only teenagers in the bunch.

Image: ‘Shadows


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