Ten Minute Tuesday: First day of School



I went on an amazing writer’s retreat this weekend.  It was so great to hang out with my favorite group of writers  and, bonus, I got to chat it up with one of my favorite YA novelist: Jessica Brody!  I’m so thankful for the support of Writing Pad and for the guidance  of Jessica and Heather Havrilesky.  Goodness.  Just thinking about how awesome the weekend was puts me back on my the high I had just leaving there.  Returning to reality on Sunday was super difficult!

While at the retreat Jessica gave me some pointers on my opening scene and I managed to rewrite it! Its so nice to have a better idea of where I’m going and what I want.  It was also nice to get all my questions answered.  This excerpt is not part of the opening scene but it does show how neurotic Libby is. 


Most people hate the early morning.  I love it.  It is the only time the house feels the same.  Feels like it did before my parents divorced and were sleeping soundly in their bedrooms and not in two different houses across town.  

Stop it, Libby.  

I shook the thoughts out of my head, and continued to pass the straightening iron over the thick curls at my roots of my hair to the tips, flipping my wrists to add a curl at the ends so they lay nicely on my shoulders.  

Daddy’s footsteps move past the bathroom and down to the kitchen.  I unplugged the hot iron and wrap it in a hand towel so the hot plates can cool and toss my mascara and lipgloss into my purse.  Really, the best part of the early morning is having the bathroom to myself and getting readdy for school undetected.

The throb behind my eyes went away abuot five minutes into my ten  minutes of stretching and breathing.  After that a set of 50 situps, five pushups- not the girly kind either- and more stretching happen before I lock myself into the bathroom and don’t exit until every hair is in the right place and I’ve applied Dr. Brown’s 3 Step Make-Up System for Brown Skinned Girls just light enough to keep Daddy from noticing, but heavy enough to make my skin look flawless. I would marry Dr. Brown if I could find someway to fit that into my vision board.  Right now it only has space for Troy. 

“You’ve totally go this,” I told the girl in the mirror, her black hair shiny and straight, her brown skin smooth and clear.  Note to self: Three weeks without chocolate have paid off.   I slipped my mascara and lip gloss into my bag and open the bathroom door.  

Image Credit:  me

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