monday madness: blind


inside of a prius

I got to starbucks this morning and was greeted with my very own spot!  This is amazing because this starbucks is becoming busier and busier everyday.  On Friday I had to go to a completely different coffee shop!  It was really nice, excellent coffee, really expensive flourless chocolate cake, but it wasn’t starbucks.   Goodness, I”m totally drinking the kool-aid, aren’t it.

I wrote for 2 hours this morning, over 2000 words of  story in order to write the debate. The debate is when the character has to decide whether to go forward with their mission or stay where they are.  My main character has to move forward.  She has an attack of temporary blindness while at a boutique with her best friend, and can’t hide it. The only choice she has is to tell her.

I gotta work on character stuff.  Who she is and how she responds to things in accordance to her personality.  hmmmm.


“Its really nice,” she said.  I could picture her leaning over her steering wheel, her eyes scanning the tree lined boulevard and the decades old homes that was my street.  It wasn’t the large estates of Michelle’s neighborhood, for sure.  I tried to peek out from beneath the sunglasses Michelle had placed on my face to ease the sun.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it didn’t matter.  I couldn’t even see the red that was the back of my eyelids.  An hour of traffic was an hour of me explaining to Michelle what Dr. Oh had said and what I was sure the real problem had been.

“Maybe you’re right, maybe its  just stress,” Michelle had offered.

“If talking about Joseph counts as stress, then I’m screwed,” I replied.  Aside from Sophie’s cold shoulder, Joseph had been crossed off the List and replaced by Troy essentially making him part of the past and not my future. Plus, I hadn’t heard from him in months.

“Your destination is on the right,” the GPS said.

“Mine’s is the blue house with dragons out front,” I told her, embarrassed at the stone creatures that stood watch over the gate to the house. Michelle was quiet for a few seconds, pull the car over and slowing to a stop.

“Nice,” she breathed.  “It reminds me of where my grandmother lived in Mexico.”

“They have bars over the windows in Mexico?”  I asked.

“No, not everywhere.  she has dragons in her garden.  The same type.”  The beeping told me that Michelle had opened the car door. I unbuckled myself and opened my door, slowly to keep it from scraping on the high sidewalks.  I cringed at the crunch of metal against cement . “Slow down,” she said, taking one of my hands, “Just lean on me when you step out of the car and I”ll help you.”

I continued to step forward, my foot catching on the space between the car and the sidewalk.  She reached out and held my hand tighter, providing me a place to balance as I stepped out of the street and on to the side walk. This time I managed to do it without falling back or breaking my ankle.  “Where did you learn to do that?”  I asked.

“TV.” She responded, closing the passenger door quietly.

“Of course,” I responded, placing my hand on the car to steady myself.  I lifted the shades and was grateful to see that the spinning and bluriness at the boutique was temporary.



Image: ‘My God! Its full of stars!

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  1. Funny… yesterday I went with my husband to a coffee shop that wasn’t starbucks and he was, like, shocked or something, that there were other places in the neighborhood with the same business model. And I was like “you know there were cafes way before starbucks existed, and some of them are better”… it was funny.

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