Read a thon status update


Wow, this is much more fun and a little more difficult then I anticipated! I’m still reading Disaster Preparedness.  It’s a hilarious look into Heather’s life and her parents’ divorce so far. Books like this make me wonder if having kids is a good idea (though that is not why they got a divorce) and they also help me to understand the craziness of the 80’s a bit more (the book is set in the 70’s and forward).  I’m not letting things like breakfast, groceries, and falling a sleep mid chapter stop me!  The husband may just have to cook dinner tonight.  I have a lot of hours to make up for.  I think I will extend my read a thon well past 5 am tomorrow morning.  thanks for the support.


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  1. Thanks for posting on my blog. I think your style is interesting too. I never thought about posting by books instead of by hours. Hmm, I think if I did that, I would get like two updates in the readathon. I am such a slow reader!
    I have never heard of this book. You will have to let me know if you like it and recommend it.

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