Read-a-thon 8am-1pm



Lunch and a read-a-thon

I swear, I need every weekend to be a read-a-thon.  I’ve gotten so much done  this morning with an audiobook in my ear.  I spent two hours last night reading Takes One to Know One, a friend’s manuscript.  Woke up, plugged in my ipod and took in J.D. Robb’s “Holiday in Death.” I took 45 minutes to read Chapter 12 and 13, wishing I hadn’t. What a way to ruin perfectly good reading by adding homework. I stuck to my plan of listening to the audiobook to and from my volunteering, but taking the audiobook to the gym has been replaced with eating pizza and listening the audiobook.  I could do this everyday.


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  1. Wouldn’t it be great to have an excuse to spend a whole day every weekend reading! I’m loving doing an audiobook this time – I don’t feel as guilty since I’m getting plenty done.

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