I can’t write these things more then once.  I once wrote one for myspace, then it got erased because I didn’t submit it in the appropriate amount of time, and I could never describe myself with such ease sense then.  I guess, I am more then the sum of my parts.  I teach high school, have a masters in special education, and am passionate about the massive waves of change education can create.  I enjoy laying in bed and watching tv.  I enjoy reading  short stories- the immediate gratification is so fulfilling.  I used to despise vegetables, but now crave them.  I don’t eat junk food, but it doesn’t mean I won’t…I just know better.  I’d rather be sleeping then doing most things, but a sunny day and brunch can get me out of bed everytime. I love God, though, like with most things, I think that I could do that better if I tried.  I’m working on being satisfied and fullfilled with my effort and energy put into all things I do.  My patron saint is Teresa of Avila, who inspires me to do all things with love.  I strive to make sure that everything I do, I do with love.


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