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10 minute Tuesday: Embarrasment


cat covering her face

I’m back!  I have been doing a lot of writing by hand lately.  Sometimes it’s just helpful to switch up those pathways to creativity.  The problem with that can be that I need to type everything I write. There are worst things in life, I’m sure.  I’ve also been reading a lot lately.  I finished The Weird Sisters and am listening to Tanavarie Due’s The Good House.  But enough about me, here is my 10 minute write.


Only Mr. Henry would arrive at someone else’s party full of demands.  Even though I’ve made my way back down stairs, I hang back in the kitchen, grazing the veggie platter  and giving myself a pep talk.

“You can do this.  This is the last visit until Thaksgiving. It will not kill you to go back out there.”  Just then an arrow lands with a sharp “thwat” into the hedge outside the kitchen window.  “Okay, it might kill you.  But would that really be that bad?”

Daddy’ and Mr. Henry are laughing loudly at Edgar Winston who was standing next to the hedge and is shaking with nerves.  “Man up, son,” Daddy says giving him a clap on the shoulder, “You’re looking like casper.”  Edgar, who gets his pail skin from his white mother and his kinky hair from his black father, has gone sheet white.  He shakes his head and our eyes meet when he looks into the kitchen window.  I offer him a weak smile and can’t keep from shaking my head in embarrassment and relief at the thought that, hey, at least it wasn’t me out there.  Sorry, Edgar, not today.


Image: ‘Mooki feels shame




Carnival Paradise*I did not take this picture, though I did watch a similar sunset.

Sean and  I went on a mini-working vacation with is job from Friday to Monday.  His work took the entire office – actually offices, there are three around the world-on a 3day Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico.  Talk about a treat.  The only thing we had to pay for was our excursion, alcohol, soda and extra goodies.  It was a very nice experience that I really only want to have again on someone else’s dime.  I’ve been holed up at home all day, emptying my stomach and watching the last episodes of Oprah. This is not because of the food or water in Mexico (the water in Ensenada is bottled …ALL OF IT).  It is definitely because of the food on the cruise. To give  you a little perspective, there are only three restaurants in Los Angeles that I enjoy: Sakura, Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs, and S&W Country Diner.  The rest I find mediocre and honestly believe that with a little practice I can make most anything I can eat at a restaurant.  The food on the cruise was like 20 times worst then anything I could find in Los Angeles.  Even the high brow food in the dining rooms only received a grade of C-.  My last meal was a BLT and veggie sticks with Ginger Ale.  My stomach has hated me all day.  I am sorry tummy…I am sorry.

The  highlights of the cruise:

1) the wait staff in the Elation Lounge danced to two songs each night.  We were eating our first dinner in the dining room together and all of a sudden Pit Bull’s “Calle Ocho (I know you want me)” was blaring from the speakers and the wait staff was dancing and twirling napkins over their heads.  I still don’t get it.  The second song was Flo-Rida’s “Get Low” which Sean tried to get me to dance to. I was mortified and danced a little, but mostly sat back down.  On the second night the more “randy” of his collegues joined in on the dancing, especially when the wait staff danced to “Jai ho”.

2) the La Bufadora tour was pretty nice.  We rode up in a charter bus and listened to the tour guide.  The La Bufadora was pretty unimpressive (apparently, its the most beautiful on the days when the weather is the absolute worst) but since there are only three in the world I’m glad that we went.  I also got a very pretty silver necklace from a reputable dealer who is backed by the cruise line and recommended by our tour guide.  We ended up going to a restaurant beause Sean’s coworker’s fiancee wanted oysters.  We wanted tacos and churros so those were kind of procured after the oysters (sean got churros, I got a nice necklace, and we forgot were the great taco place was so we skipped tacos).

3) enjoying pina coladas in the sun from the top deck on the day at sea was pretty nice as well.

Drawbacks (which will get the smallest mention)

1) the food

2) the cold cabins—GOODNESS GRACIOUS!

3) the ship vibrating like an earthquake each evening. FRIGHTENING.

4) for some reason, I was overwhelmingly fatigued each night starting at 8.  what is up with that!?

It was an-and slightly stressful- experiment in life sans technology for Sean and I.  I left my cellphone at home, and the international charges for texting and calls from Sean’s cellphone would have been astronomical, so we used it only as an alarm clock. This definitely cause difficulty on the last day when we couldn’t track each other down and spent an hour or more walking around looking for the other.  However, I do feel quite good about some decisions I have decided to make that I think will help me with my clarity and writing.  I am “unplugging” from Facebook for a while.  I am also going to watch less TV (which I don’t watch much of anyway) in order to read a lot more.  Both will help clear my head and focus in on my inner voice and less on the compounding sounds of everyone else.  I think it will also push me to have more experiences with people instead of experiencing people via 200 character headlines.  This “unplugging” does not include blogs.  Some of the best writers I’ve read in a while have blogs (you know who you are are) and they’re really helpful in developing my skill.  We’ll see how this goes.

Image: ‘DSC02211



I couldn’t be a house wife.  I really couldn’t.  I’ve been out of work for  week and while I sleep a lot, I also miss having someone to talk to.  Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to Sean, but I miss the ladies.  I miss Ms. Nguyen across the hall.  I have so many odd as strings of conversations I want to start, but really no one to start them with. Its more fun to talk with your girl friends then it is with your boyfriend.  He has his best friend over and they’re playing video games, which is fine by  me becuase I’m listening to music and reading a book that I’m about to spoil…swear to God.  I haven’t just listened to music and read a book in the longest, so I am going to take my time enjoying these moments.  I figure, since I have a blog, I might as well start those random conversations here.

1. I keep looking at my calendar to make sure I have exercised enough this week.  isn’t that crazy?  This is something Ms. Nguyen, Ms. Sevilla and Ms. Cariaga and I would talk about.   I went on to Yoga on Monday, Ballet on Tuesday, I go to ballet again tomorrow and again on Saturday.  For some reason my brain does not compute.  I’m an odd duck.

2. I had my last cupcake today. Sean brought me a red velvet with cream cheese frosting cupcake.  It had a red rose petal on top.  Porto’s is so classy.  It made my intestines spike about 45 minutes after I ate it.  The same thing happened today while I was shopping.  The only thing I’d eaten was a bowl of Honey Nut Os at that point.  I’m just going to go to the doctors and get a test done. Several tests.

3. The healthnet site is sooooo confusing.  I should just go get my wallet and type in my subscriber number.

4. I hope I don’t bug…nevermind.  Boys are odd.

5. I’m really digging country music right now.

6. I wonder how Amanda is doing?

7. Furniture shopping is a pain in the butt.

Getting wider by the minute


My dad smoked some pork ribs last night, so they were pretty rockin’ tonight.  Yeah.  If this keeps up I may have to buy new clothes.  I think my mom is headed to the gym tomorrow.  If I wear my converse and some long pants I can hit the elliptical and some free weights.  Or the cafe. I don’t know. I’m on a roll…I mean role…or do I mean roll..I mean roll.  I was trying to be funny.  Ha. No.  sorry.  its the ribs, they’re clogging my arteries and brain waves.

the highlight of my morning was a trip to the Walmart.  I didn’t buy anything, so don’t trip.  I was invited to a Mary Kay party, but I think I will be having family dinner and planning Angel’s birthday.

My sister came over to hang out again today.  I have to say that I think my sister is absolutely beautiful.  she really is.  there are some peculiarities about her that I would love to understand but you know, we’re just starting.

We went to the movies with my mother and niece and saw Journey to the center of the Earth.  This movie was made for families, children,  and 3d fun.  Purely for 3-d fun.  It was completely devoid of any plot or acting, but i’m not sure if expected anything more.  The story was quickly paced in order to bring on the 3d effects.  Remember when we all first saw Jurassic Park?  I wish that I could have that moment back.  The feel of adrenaline pumping through me the first time I saw the T-Rex gain speed on the Jeep as it raced toward safety.  NOw that was awesome.  AWESOME.   Hollywood/Universal studios is hard pressed to match that moment.  I kind of wish they’d stop trying and stick to something with more substance…but then again I haven’t really been investing in viewing anything of a dramatic substantive nature.  Comedy and Action films have been my cup of tea of late.  And documentaries about life in the heartland (seriously, you’re in your 20’s, married, and you’re a courtesy clerk….huh?  but i’m trying not to judge.)

I changed my skin care regimen in April and my skin has been going crazy, so Angel helped me out by helping refine my skin care collection.  A combination of hormones, stress, and hair oil has caused my face to resemble someone who is in high school…someone really hot in high school…and this youthful look will pay off when i’m 50, but right now its just ridiculous and needs to end.  So after the movies Angel helped me figure out away to banish my inner 15 year old’s face to the nether regions of my subconscious.

right now my inner 15 year old wants to get back to watching Sky High.  Hero Support all the way.

the departed


i seriously have no idea what i’m teaching my students tomorrow. i have a vague idea, but really, not really. day lights saving is screwing with my head. it seriously has all day. i blew a fuse while blow drying my hair, which caused my cable box to go bizerk and for all my clocks to go bye-bye. i can’t believe its 10pm. i can’t believe i’m watching the departed for like the 3rd time today. I love this movie. i made an awesome chili, maria for new mexico’s southwestern chili. but vegetarian, so it had far less calories then the one in the linked blog. nothing much really happened today. i almost missed mass, but went, and it was great. i love it more and more each time that i go. i made half a dozen parent phone calls, and was only able to contact 2 of the 6 parents. i bought super glue to fix a broken momento from jamaica, and a bag of m&m’s (my last…it knocked me on my ass tired) instead of spending large bucks on skin care. i figured i’d ask my sister too hook me up with quality skin care instead of me investing in drugstore quality goods. i don’t know why i’m suddenly so cheap. i think its my up coming trip to new orleans this friday. i’m trying to be conservative. i think i will try to catch mass in new orleans while i’m there. i fly back into LA on monday. i can’t believe spring break is here. i can’t believe i have no real plans. that’s this week’s goal: make plans for spring break.

i can’t believe its almost 11. shower, bed, here i come.

confession monday


i haven’t done this in a while. i realize that the last time i said i was going to make a confession…i didn’t. so here i go:
1. i sometimes have these dreams with older men in them- some i know (an old coworker) and some i don’t (david caruso) that leave me very attracted to them in the morning…and for weeks after.
2. i get disappointed when i miss my favorite tv shows (i just realized that i missed medium tonight. its okay, that show creeps me out sometimes).
3. i think i’ve gotten over that whole asexual feeling. I just can’t figure out why it would come back now that i’m single. okay, yeah i can…but still, whatever.
4. i think the people who produce the local news simply spend all day online, and then create the local news.

bills, bills, bills


I like to spend the Saturday after payday going over my bills and getting everything in order. its usually pretty fulfilling to be this orderly. today its more precautionary because i spent at least $400 yesterday on Christmas gifts and my car. I am also tasked with finding a romantic place for dinner, because I opened my big mouth and said, “I want to take you out for dinner,” to N, who always takes me out to dinner, and now I have no idea of where I want to go…because that’s how I am. Shit. my thanksgiving was great. N came over Wednesday and we stayed up all night eating dinner, watching Harry Potter, and the hitchcock marathon on AMC. I am living in a bit of delusion in that if I don’t use labels then other labels can’t come to fruition. It’s all just continuing to be good fun. We went to brunch Thursday morning, where I indulged in the poison that is French toast, and went grocery shopping. I napped and headed over to WeHo where husbands Steven and Joey stole the prize of classiest people I’ve ever met. God, I hope my life is comparable when I’m in my 30s. We met their neighbors who were a close second in the classy department, and who prompted me to make the statement, “god, i can’t wait til you guys are old.” blame it on my foolish youth, I exhibit bitch like qualities from time to time. We stayed up all night (though I kept trying to take a nap- they just wouldn’t let me) playing board games, and meeting E’s new girlfriend. On Friday, I bought flannel sheets for 12 bucks at traget yesterday, a pair of heels, and a set of satin pillow cases, along with Christmas gifts for my mom and sister. I also spent quite a bit of money doing good things for my car (a luxury car wash for a car that is far from luxury, and some car maintenance for a car that I will drive until I’m 40), then went to the gym, and had a sushi dinner with ice cream dessert (I’m all for doing good things for my body as well). So, today I’m left trying to warm myself in my cozy apartment, listening to Agatha Christie, and trying to figure out just where I want to take N for dinner. Argh. Suggestions?